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That Six Selfie Tag Thing:

I was tagged to do this (hopefully on purpose) by greatgollywally.

Henceforth, here are my eponymous (Sinister) Six Selfies, with added backstories!


(Jeez, no need to be sarcastic with yourself, Jack…)


1) One of the earliest pictures of me that currently exist in the Universe and/or Internet, circa late 2009…probably. (Also, not much about that pictured scenario has changed, except these days I have no watch, I use wi-fi, have a different laptop, am much hideous-er, and so on.)

2) Late 2010, and the night I went out to Cardiff to celebrate me mate Liz’s 18th birthday with her and her friends. There were presents, and there was a limo, and there was champagne, and there was me not drinking the champagne, and there was a fancy dinner and dessert, and I wore mobile phone charms on my glasses. Because reasons.

3) ‘Twas the first year of Moffat’s run on Doctor Who (back in the days when I thought Moffat was awesome (oh, to be young and foolish!)), and I got these vampire teeth free in the Doctor Who Adventures magazine. I had fun with them…right up until I lost them. So yeah.

4) Late August, 2011. My birthday took place on the 2nd of August (AND IT STILL DOES, FOLKS! [*wink wink, nudge nudge*]), but me and my mates couldn’t celebrate it until the 27th. And on that day, we three went to Cardiff, had a McDonald’s (the last I would have for over two years, as it turns out), and went to the cinema to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part Two. It was awesome. (Also, I bought that selfsame blue hat earlier in the day, because I felt like owning a hat. Is it a fedora? I really hope it isn’t a fedora…)

5) Early 2013. Ice and snow and general coldness [*salutes*] has filled the air. And what do I do? Why, I go and break off an icicle and sTICK IT UP MY FRICKETY-FRACKING NOSE JUST TO TAKE THAT PICTURE! (Truly, I am an idjit.)

6) Middle of 2013. I shot a video for HitRECord, in the guise of a bowtie-wearing, paper-moustachio’d, gruffly posh general, explaining the rules of Capture The Flag. This ridiculous contribution - which you can watch here - wound up in the first season of HitRECord On TV, in the episode RE: Games. So that was fun.

In conclusion:

I hope you enjoyed all that!




Sorry, then.

In any case, I’d better tag some people.

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(Although, I should add that you can do the tag if you want to, and if you’d rather not, then that’s totally fine. I just started tagging loads of people randomly, because for ages, I didn’t know how to tag people in text posts. And then when I figured it out, I was like:



Thank you for your time, and may you all have a good day.


I am stuck.

How to get out, I don’t know. Besides, I would have been out of this constant state of paranoia about the future and an anxious attempt to forget the past if I do know, wouldn’t I? I just find it hard to get over the things I would have done differently if given another chance. There’s a massive pile of regret burying me, obscuring my way to the ME that I want so desperately to be. This grand image of a new and better self is too far out of reach and the smaller steps to get to where it is prove to be harder than the bigger steps. And it’s a dilemma because the smaller steps need to be done before I can start taking huge leaps of faith. I am wasting too much time worrying and being clueless when I know I shouldn’t be either of the two. I know where I want to be and whom I want to be and what I have to do to get both. It’s just…

I am stuck.

And I think I need help to get out of this ethereal state of stuck-ness.

This is not a call for help.


I was rewatching The One With the Cop (Episode 16 of Season 5) and I realized that Monica and Chandler spent the night and the entire day together. They probably didn’t have to go to work that day, so they finished the crossword, went to bed, probably used the measuring tape Rachel was asking for the next day and had amazing sex repeatedly. The following morning they woke up together, went to the coffeehouse and spent most of the rest of that day in Chandler’s apartment. Monica even cooked there (Chandler was really cute holding a slice of cucumber while Monica was chopping vegetables). In between the cooking and their friends entering the apartment for several reasons, they sat in the barcaloungers, Monica probably doing another crossward and Chander trying to figure out a rubik’s cube, just enjoying being in each other’s presence. Chandler left his apartment for a few minutes to help Ross with his new couch, but he was back with Monica quickly. In the afternoon they went to Monica’s apartment and hang out with their friends. I just find this extremely cute. Their relationship had recently been revealed, they had confessed their love to each other and they spent as much time as possible together.

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Extremely Helpful Joey

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Six-Word Stories That Are Absolutely Heart-Breaking


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I love this and will always reblog it!

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“I’m fine. In fact, I’ve been fine for a long time now, and I think the reason is you.”

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“It was just like real friends, just like real life - just a little bit funnier”

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They all leave the apartment. Joey helps Chandler with the stroller in the hallway, while Monica and Rachel have their arms around each other. Everybody walks downstairs to Central Perk. The camera goes inside the apartment again, and it pans around. We see the keys on the counter, and the final shot is of the frame around the peephole. The screen fades to black.

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