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I have swum with the mermaids
And pranced with the unicorns
Said hello to Santa’s elves
As I danced with the leprechauns
Took a ride on a dragon’s back
Wished on a genie for some luck

And finally in the middle of a meadow
I’ve reached the end of the rainbow


There’s a buzzing, a ringing, a high-pitched monotone,
And a tingling, a crippling, an unpleasant sensation.

It’s a lightning that struck me and stopped the beating in my chest,
Or the worst hangover to be pulled over and asked to take a test.

It’s like a hurricane, an earthquake and a tsunami rolled into one.
Like a death on a birthday, a tragedy to take away all the fun.

Now I know what it feels like to be blind and not see the stars
And how dreadful it is to be a soldier in the middle of a war.